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How to play TattsLotto

TattsLotto offers you the chance to make your million dollar dreams come true every Saturday. The aim of TattsLotto is to match as many winning numbers drawn from the barrel as possible with the numbers in a single game on your ticket.

The TattsLotto game has forty-five balls numbered 1 to 45 from which eight are randomly selected. Draws take place every Saturday at 7.30pm and the first six balls drawn are the "winning numbers" and the last two drawn are the "supplementary numbers". You win if you match the right combination of winning and supplementary numbers with your entry. More details
How to play Super 7's Oz Lotto

Super 7's Oz Lotto gives you the chance to play for a minimum of $2 million every Tuesday night but with the exciting jackpotting feature, it has the potential to jackpot up to and over $50 million. Plus, with seven numbers to choose and seven prize divisions to win from, you'll see why we call it "SUPER 7's".

There are forty-five balls numbered 1 to 45 from which nine balls are randomly selected. The first seven balls drawn are the "winning numbers" and the last two drawn are the "supplementary numbers". More details
How to play Monday & Wednesday Lotto

Monday & Wednesday Lotto is the newest member to the Tatts family! With draws held each Monday and Wednesday, you'll now have the opportunity to play and win two extra times a week!  It is more more or less the same as SatLotto and with extra features:

- Six winning numbers, and two supplementary numbers, are drawn from forty-five balls numbered 1 to 45.

- There are five prize divisions and both weekly draws offer a guaranteed minimum $1 million Division One prize pool. More details
How to play Powerball

Powerball is the electrifying game that guarantees a Division 1 prize pool of at least $3 million every Thursday night and jackpots frequently throughout the year. Powerball may jackpot up to and over $50 million!

There are forty-five balls numbered 1 to 45 from which five winning numbers are randomly selected. A sixth ball, the "Powerball", is then drawn from a separate machine containing another forty-five balls numbered 1 to 45. More details
How to play Super 66

Super 66 gives you another chance to win. You can play Super 66 by asking for a Super 66 QuickPick or by marking it on your TattsLotto coupon. You can play 1 to 12 Super 66 games costing just $1.10 per game.
You can also add Super 66 to any of your lotto* product QuickPick Entries. Just ask your Retailer how many Super 66 Entries you want to add on. More details
How to play The Pools

Looking for something a little different? The Pools is a '6 from '38 lottery game where the winning numbers are based on results of soccer matches played in Europe, Australia and around the world instead of numbered balls being drawn from a barrel.

You can play The Pools simply as a game of chance by playing your favourite or randomly selected numbers, or you can put your soccer knowledge to the test by choosing your numbers based on the teams competing on the Match List for that week. More details

Bundoora’s TattsLotto fortune claimed!
In Saturday night’s TattsLotto draw, someone who purchased a ticket in Bundoora had their numbers come up and won a division one prize worth $683,262.28!

Fortunately for the winner they had registered their entry to a Tatts Card so Tatts has already been in contact with them and started the process of claiming their dream-come-true division one prize!
While the winner wishes to keep their identity a complete mystery, what we do know is that the winning entry was purchased from University Hill Lucky Lotto, Kiosk 2 in the University Hill Town Centre at 5 Jane Field Drive, Bundoora.

The mysterious winner played 11 games at a price of $7.80 in which they chose and marked their own numbers. More details

Bundoora retirees thrilled with $1.47 million TattsLotto win!

A retired couple from Bundoora are delighted to have won a $1.47 million division one prize in TattsLotto's $25 million superdraw on the weekend!

The winning couple told a Tatts official that they didn't realize they'd won right away.

“My wife was watching the draw on television and she marked off all our numbers and turned to me and said, 'what does it mean if I got all six in a row?'” the winning husband explained.

“I wasn't sure either. We didn't realize that having all six of the drawn numbers on your ticket meant you were a big winner! We thought we needed the supplementaries as well.”The winning grandparents won't rush into any making any decisions about how to spend their windfall. “We'd like to go on a holiday together somewhere, and share some of the prize money with our family,” the winning man said.

The winning 18-game marked TattsLotto entry was purchased from University Hill Lucky Lotto, Kiosk 2, 5 Janefield Drive in Bundoora. The winners have chosen to remain anonymous. 
More details
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Syndicates give you more chances to win by covering a greater combination of numbers and sharing the cost between the members of a group. Playing more games increases the chance of winning a prize. If the syndicate ticket wins a prize the total prize will be divided equally among all of the members of the syndicate.

On average, most of our syndicates offer over 500 chances to win a jackpot for less than $50. On average, this works out to be 20 times cheaper than it would cost you to buy the same amount of tickets on your own.

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